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Brian Tucker

    Hi plus1

    Start with the beliefs that carry the strongest emotional charge. If you can reduce those then you will probably find any related beliefs will fade as well (cascade).

    Ask yourself “how much do I believe this” after reading through your prospective statement and on scale 0-10 where 10 is absolutely and 0 not at all, record the first number that comes to mind. This can also be used to sort them into which carries the most charge. Ask again afterwards if you have reduced your score to say less than 2 then you may only have to go through once again, perhaps even on another day, rather than a pre-planned schedule of 3x.

    You are using the Accelerators and as you have found they also help.

    If you use a Click Track before running Negative or Positive it should help get more shift in the numbers. This might be more effective than multiple play throughs but still might take as much in time.

    For the Positive you can write out your statement on paper in a large size and leave copies pinned/stuck/ blu-tacked in places around your house where you will see them often. Add to this add any photos or images from google or wherever that represent that same statement by feeling at least. This adds yet more repetition and visualization to aid imagination and help get the suggestion past your Critical Factor.


    Hi Peter – I used another system to clear a few beliefs and what they suggested was to run through each belief one time and see where you sit, then roll through a second time on each one. Reason being is because a lot of them are connected and by removing them one by one, strongest first you weakened the other beliefs. (The reason I got away from this system was because it was only capable of removing 14 specific beliefs they had available)

    Would you suggest I do the same OR are you saying I should start with the most positive belief, clear it and then move to the next strongest in my list, working my way down. So the example would be that the first couple might be stronger and take say three runs but the last ones might only take one.