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Brian Tucker

    Update – Day 10:

    I am definitely at some psychological and emotional “tipping point” – I have a lot of emotions coming in and out of me for various things but they are very slight. It's like an emotional potion is wearing off.

    When I was with my three daughters this weekend, I felt as if all of the frustration and internal friction that I had before has been completely ripped out of me and it's almost as if I am looking for it when I am interacting with them and also with some other people – it's strange that it's not there, clearly it's missing. It's like there is a little bit left in there that wants to come out but it's not able to fully energize and come out of me. In fact, last night I had one or two moments of frustration with two of my daughters and voiced my opinion and thought…hmmm where is all the frustration energy and emotion I normally need right now” I can't call it up, I'm only running at 10% power, if that. Not that I wanted it to come up, it was just different not feeling it.

    As of the last two days I have emotions that will pop in and dissipate very quickly or I can consciously shift it to a positive far faster than I ever could before, almost immediately. Before I could consciously shift it but the emotion would linger for a bit, now it leaves with the thought almost immediately. I have been wanting to click track on some of the emotions but they leave so quickly I can't recreate it in time and/or they are unable to grow strong enough. Seems like things are shuffling around in my subconscious and it's not that I am emotionally unstable by any means, it's just that I get these different pulses of emotions that quickly come and go just for a few seconds then leave.

    This morning I had a light bout of some sadness after I took my daughters to school so I came home and clicked that away. I focused on all of my daughters and the following sequences in this order:

    2015 wrapper track 1x
    Four runs – 2015 Tapping Track – Short @ 7 min each
    Did not run the accelerator

    Now as I type this I am getting some frustration that I am associating with some recent events with my wife so I am going to go click.

    I notice that when I do get emotions on the fly I am able to very easily isolate them shift them back into something good. I have very good control over changing them.

    I will also comment that my level of awareness is now extremely high. I can speak to someone on the phone and listen to the entire conversation and the amount of negativity in the conversation is very clear to me, yet to them it's normal and they don't even see it. It's as if I am the complete contrast to them with the difference being I am aware of my thoughts and feelings. I am creating them and they are just letting theirs happen to them without any conscious thought about the level of negativity they project.

    Also, when I talk to lots of people I can see the negativity, anger, fear etc in them as clear as day and feel the associated energy. It's as if you can see it on their face and feel it as they approach you before they even say a word.

    Tonight: More internal work – I begin clicking PSTEC Negative on the negative beliefs. I will post them here shortly. Can't wait!

    One question:
    – On the counter pump priming statements, do we have to write those on a piece of paper and read from the paper? or can we read it aloud from a computer screen? I have all of my work in a spreadsheet and it would definitely save me steps.