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Brian Tucker

    Update – Day 11 – Negative Belief Elimination Process Day 2:

    Today I was on my walk I was thinking about the next three beliefs I am going after:

    People are judging me
    I’m a procrastinator
    I am disorganized

    Interesting perception as I thought about these – and after eliminating “There's something wrong with me” last night I thought very clearly out of nowhere….hmmmmm procrastination…by what benchmark, what measurement. If I just move at my own pace and look at the definition of procrastination – I am only operating under the belief that I have set procrastination and even further, disorganization for myself – these are definitions and beliefs but there is not finitely defined measurement of one being a procrastinator or disorganized other than the belief that is programmed in me or by someone who has said it to me based on what their imaginary definition or measurement might be.

    I have never thought about these two topics like this before and it made me think to all of the work I have done here so far…and also erasing the “Something is wrong with me” belief and adding the positive “I am perfect the way I am” last night. I had a completely different perspective on these today.

    More to come tonight after I work on today's beliefs.

    Update: ! was only able to get “I am disorganized with a counter of “I am organized completed today. I am on track to have these all cleared and reloaded by Sunday night as it;s a holiday weekend here and i have extra time on my hands. Solitude makes for great PSTEC work.