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Paul McCabe
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    Hi plus1g,

    This might be me being pernickety, but “people are judging me” seems to slot more into what I call “statements of reality” in the sense that people are judging us all the time. Is it the judging you fear or is it harsh judgment/criticism that you fear? If it's a positive assessment, do you feel fear or discomfort?

    In this case, it might be useful to get especially clear on the distinction. Are there any events that crop up when you think people are judging you (harshly)? Is it in certain people, certain facial expressions or scenarios where this is most pronounced? If so, you could explore these and click track each emotion as you run through the memories.

    The amazing thing with this work is that you can live in a world where people judge you, and be absolutely ok with that and more than ok with yourself. The emotions are most likely coming from the meaning you are giving certain expressions, comments or scenarios. Once you dissolve those? Magic.

    I can relate to your experience of “there's something wrong with me”; I had a lot of ailments when I was younger and that was my conclusion. However, you can logically reframe this (e.g. priming the pump) with other interpretations “there was something wrong with my health then, but there was and is nothing inherently wrong with me as a person.” You could also be cute about it: “there is something wrong with the way my condition was treated back then.”

    I can see that you are already getting big shifts in how you perceive things. After toppling some big beliefs and working on the heavy emotions, you naturally go easier on yourself and lighten up more and more. You see things as less of a big deal. Whereas before a mistake might have elicited heavy “failure” feelings, you start to see things more for what they are and not a huge indictment of your inherent worth.

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