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Brian Tucker

    Update – Day 12

    Yesterday late afternoon was a bit difficult for me. I felt as if some negativity and depression was trying to grab a hold of me and I was more tired than I have been in a while. What I notice is that this happens every so often. What I attribute this to is my subconscious reshuffling. I always look at it as a good thing because once it passes I feel even better than I did before. So I always take it as a good sign.

    Last night I went to bed at @ 10:30 and this morning, slept solid and I woke up again at 5:30 ready to rock with no alarm clock. When I woke up, I went downstairs, drank a double espresso and then came upstairs and listened to Positive Empowered and also added in the free “Embracing Change” Hypno tracks afterwards. I plan to add the “Making A Positive Change” track to Positive Empowered every day as I had already commited for the next three weeks with Positive Empowered. So I am going to do these as soon as I wake up as I have a tendency to fall asleep during Tim's hypno tracks very easily.

    I am taking the day off from removing beliefs (school is out and I am on dad duty) but will pick up again tomorrow.

    Last night I was only able to clear “I am disorganized” and replace it with “I am organized” I can say today that if I try to believe that, recall it, or whatever it's like a distant fog in the background – like my brain is confused or fried on it. Again I have to think about the phrase and if I ask myself if I believe it, it's like a cloudy “blah” thought as if it just has no real meaning as it pertains to me. I also have an energy charge to do work unlike I have had in several months.

    So to reiterate, I am removing each belief with PSTEC negative 3x and then running PSTEC Positive on the counter positive belief 4x in a row. I will do this on at least 2 beliefs daily. This is also combined with PSTEC Empowered, Embracing Change and the finally the long accelerator track at bedtime. I am doing my negative/positive runs at night time. I also have a 15 minute meditation I do in the afternoon at lunch time.

    More to come…