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Brian Tucker

    Update – Day 13 – Negative Belief Elimination Process Day 3:

    Today I felt fantastic – Slept last night for 5.5 hours. Woke up again in the morning charged and ready to go no alarm clock. Felt great all day.

    Cleared these beliefs using 3x negative and 4 x positive extra power

    I am not loved
    I am lazy
    I am a procrastinator
    People are judging me

    As I cleared the first two I had a very happy feeling about halfway through the second run of removing the negative. As I loaded in “I am loved” I realized how powerful an the unlimited uses of the positive tracks. Having the ability to permanently program in an “I am” affirmation is awesome. For my success, thought I imagined everyone I could think of being kind and loving to me and myself beaming with love and joy. Then it dawned on me what I was doing was programming in the new subconscious belief and the image in my mind to run forever.

    The second two did not seem as distant as the first two when I finished the negative track runs but about an hour later they became more distant as the changes started to kick in. I find this quite consistent. I definitely felt lighter as I cleared “I am a procrastinator”  I will let these two settle for a day or two and if I still feel a need to go back to them I will. I also am going to add “people are talking about me” to negative removal list if it still comes back up with the original “people are judging me”

    This total time took @ 4 hours to run by the time I created my papers to read from. Another little trick I added in was to place a rubberband on my slow tap hand as I alternated through each run so I could keep my taps straight. It was quite a long session

    I am signing off now and going to listen to the relaxing accelerator. So total today including the hypnotic tracks and relaxing accelerator was about 5.5 hours. I plan to keep going throughout the weekend on the rest of my list. My positive awareness is becoming more clear by the day in rather large shifts in perception. More tomorrow.