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Brian Tucker

    Update – Day 14 – Negative Belief Elimination Process Day 4:

    Woke up for a few minutes in the middle of the night and had a scrambled head – a little cloudy. Went right back to sleep and woke up again in same shape @ 5 hrs of sleep all good – consistently feeling great on this much sleep. I have not operated this well in my life, ever.

    The work I did last night is taking shape. Those phrases are but a distant mess in my head that I have to think about a bit. It seems like three runs of the negative ct on each belief (though time consuming) is quite effective.

    Plan today to delete 4 more on my list:

    I am different
    I am a fraud
    I’m worthless
    I am a failure

    I have also made a minor adjustment to the CT recordings and skip past the brief  instructions on each one and get right to the right hand/left hand instructions and go. This may not seem like a lot but over the course of running 12x negative and 16 extra positive, this can remove nearly 30 minutes from the process.

    Started on the first two and noticed again as I got halfway through the second run on “I am different” I got light, airy and happy/smiling as if there was some kind of release.

    Could just be me but I feel this on certain beliefs when removing them – as you can see in earlier posts. Is this a result of releasing the belief?

    Took a break for about 90 minutes and came back to do the second two.

    As I got halfway through the first run on “I am not worthless” (which was what my father used to jokingly call me as a kid) I became very clear and relaxed, almost as if something released. I moved to the next one “I am a failure” and it happened again even a little more. Also noticed as I was doing “failure” I was thinking about a current situation in my mind with respect to what would be perceived as failure and in a group of people “judging me” (from last night's run) and had thoughts similar to (without getting into detail) “I am not the victim here, I am a success” so I feel like something definitely released and/or shifted there.

    As far as how I feel, today's sessions were a breeze, I do not have any of the fatigue as I had when I finished last night and I feel pretty clear and present (comparatively speaking) perhaps my subconscious is “getting in shape” and becoming used to the work that's being done on it.

    Tonight I plan to listen to the mindfulness audio. I Googled it and found the page for it.