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Brian Tucker

    Update – Day 15 – Negative Belief Elimination Process Day 5:

    Woke up same today.

    I spent the morning going through the mindfulness training and I will say it was worth it. I had already been through every audio tutorial for each package Tim offers 2x each. The mindfulness is another very clear way of looking at the tools and I now have a complete understanding of every tool, how it can be used and the creative ways it can be applied inside and out.

    I plan to stack a lot more positives after I get through these.

    Question #1: How many runs of PSTEC Positive Extra are necessary for programming in each positive statement?

    Has anyone combined the use of Tapping Accelerator with PSTEC Positive Extra and would it be beneficial.

    I am interested to know what the most efficient and effective tool combo would be to load in positive statements.

    Question #2: On the counter pump priming statements, do we have to write those on a piece of paper and read from the paper? or can we read it aloud from a computer screen? I have all of my work in a spreadsheet and it would definitely save me steps.

    Today's belief removal includes:

    I'm not important
    I'm not worthy
    I am a fake

    OK – I got through the first two and erased them in only two runs. Either they were weak or it's just taking me less work now to clear them if my subconscious is loosening up. I started smiling near the end of the first run on both of them.

    Hi plus1

    Don't forget if you feel any time pressure,stress or need to rush, then this needs Click Tracking. You are on a journey of self discovery! Now you know how to use the tools and how effective they are, you know you can get to any desired destination by working your way through eliminating any negative self limiting beliefs that stop you and re-enforcing the positives to speed your way.
    Jeff would say something like “be kind to yourself”.


    After I finished “I'm not worthy” something really hit me. I had this feeling I get when I am trying to help someone or I am trying to fix something. I was actually thinking of helping someone and I had the thought (which I do often) “I have to stop obsessively thinking I need to help other people fix their problems and focus on mine”.  It's like a racing thought with anxious, overwhelming feeling that screams “urgency” and “I want to get this figured out and fixed”. This is something I have had all my life when tinkering with electronics, computers, helping friends with projects or when I have a lot of loose ends on my list of things to do and they just don't click right. It's as if I have some belief “I have to fix it” “I can fix it” “I can figure it out” “I can prove it works” or something like that.

    I took all of these past thoughts in my imagination, ran upstairs and ran a wrapper on them. Then I ran 2 medium 2015 tracks and it was still pretty strong, probably 8/10. Moved to the 2015 long and got it down to about a 4/10. More events kept popping in my head as I went through that track and I added them in the mix. Then I ran the long track one more time and some childhood memories appeared in my mind of similar fashion, tinkering on stuff, going to the arcade to play video games and being in a hurry etc. I rolled that into the last round as well and shifted my focus there. By the time I got through that second long track it was what I would rate a 1/10 (most people would say it's gone)  and rather than go again I thought I would run the medium relaxing accelerator to finish up the session and see how it goes in a few days. This is so awesome how this came through the side door as part of the process because I have always been annoyed by this thinking and feeling! It must have been deeply rooted because it took 90 minutes straight to clear even with 2015.

    The good news is this somewhat maps back to Peter's comment about urgency though it was not related to the work I was doing with PSTEC directly. I though man I have wanted to get rid of this forever I am going to do it now while it is fresh and I can somewhat recreate it.

    If anyone has idea what beliefs might be causing this based on my description that would be fantastic. I thought about doing a negative on something like “It is my belief I have to fix everything” or “It is my belief I have to fix things”

    Interested to hear your thoughts…  Great progress today – tomorrow is a new day.