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Peter Bunyan

    Hi plus1

    Re Q1: How long is a piece of string? It depends on how much you already believe the statement you are using. If you already fully believe it then you do not need Positive, if after saying out loud prior to running the track you immediately feel “that would be nice but it is unlikely to happen” , then it is probably a step too far. It needs to be pitched just out of reach almost there so that it “really could happen”. Also you need to be able to imagine it being true, if you cannot then it won't happen. These will give you the minimum number of play thoughs.

    Because everyone is different with different issues there is no standard way of using PSTEC tools. What combination of Click Tracks, Negative, Positive, and Accelerators will work better for some than others and with different problems. Some level of experimentation is usually required.

    Re Q2: I using computer written statements works for you good! Hand writing gives some extra connection between your mind and the statement, how this works I confess I do not know. Like reading it out loud rather than silently in your head you are adding some extra connection. Possibly these are adding extra sensory connections, using sound, vision and touch. You could possibly use colored pens or text to throw in a bit more emphasis.

    Re your desire to help others by fixing things: Not a totally bad thing unless it stems from a need to be liked or subservience. That is you feel compelled to do these from some desire to build your level of self esteem/worth by doing so. Helping others because you have the skills and a sense of community and friendship, well we could probably all do with more of that. This is not about motives but feelings and emotions. The former re-enforces your sense of low self esteem/worth and the latter increases self esteem/worth. Do you feel good about yourself when you have helped or helping others or something not so good?