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Brian Tucker

    Update – Day 18,19

    I took another two days off from negative but I did listen to Positive Empowered both days. I had a few hours where I had a little “turbulence” in my head on Day 18 and then few more clarity shifts in the last 2 days and now…

    I could have never possibly imagined I would ever feel this good in my life. I feel free and empowered. All of the fear driven thoughts, heavy negative depression like feelings and procrastination related “stuck” feelings are gone.

    All of the negative belief phrases I erased are like a joke in my mind, they are so in the distance, even if I try to think about them they are distant in my imagination and I have to try hard to even think about saying them in my mind.

    Hi plus1

    Now you are more calm and relaxed it is time to start thinking about what you really want in life and how you want to spend your time. What would your perfect future look like. The how to get there will sort it self out as long as you focus on the goal. If you find your self thinking that would be nice, but… then these buts are the clue as to what needs the Click Tracks and other tools. That is, what is stopping you from achieving your dreams. This give your sub more positive direction, the more you think about it the more you out weigh the negative, the always looking at your past and finding things to blame, being a victim of your past etc.


    This post was right on time. It's as if you read my mind. :)

    I am going to clear out the rest of the negatives on my list as well as the one that Paul suggested about “other people” and I have a long list of positives I am going to start programming in using Extra Positive next.