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Peter Bunyan

    Hi joerg

    It is good to hear that you have had some success with PSTEC products, because you do know now, that something works.

    What to do about negative feelings without root cause! The quick answer is Click Tracking the feeling, you do not need an associated memory if you can just hang on to the feeling long enough to CT. However I am assuming that this is not possible for you so…

    Rather than constantly fight to remove negative feelings that may have many seemingly insignificant triggers, working on building positive feeling might be the way forward. You cannot hold negative and positive feelings at the same time. Suggestions…

    Think about the life you want to have and the sort of person you want to become. Rather than just think about yourself as the same but without the negative feelings, imagine being that person full of positive feelings. Imagine doing  the things you want to do, going to places you want go, meeting people you want to meet, total “blue sky” no limits thinking. Feel how good that would be! Now write it down on paper, give yourself a positive target to aim for. If you do keep giving your self limits that very of go along the lines of “It's a nice dream but I do not have enough…” then Click Track and PN those.

    Download and listen to FREE Wealth of Abundance. Listen once a day everyday for say a week and then once a week for a few more weeks after that. This hypnotic track from Tim is about gratitude, gratitude for both things you have and things you do not have yet. This will help you feel grateful for all those things you will have in that “positive target” mentioned above.

    Thinking along the lines above will probably require some work with PSTEC Positive. There is a non-tapping Positive track which which can be used anywhere. Also download and listen to PSTEC and Mindfulness. This is a long tutorial which also gives suggestions on how to manage and beat negative thoughts and feelings with cheap low-tech use almost anywhere kit.

    How does that sound to you?