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Paul McCabe
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    Hi joerg,

    I'm glad that you posted your experiences. Great advice from Peter, as always.

    With a belief like “nothing works”, “change is difficult” or “change is impossible”, it would be important to consider how you formed such a belief. There are different approaches to eliminating these types of belief.

    The PSTEC roadmap is very much to start with CT first. I can see the logic of that. If you had a belief such as “Dogs are dangerous”, for instance, you would invariably experience fear when you see a dog. Getting rid of the belief would likely lessen or completely eliminate the fear.

    However, few people start with a notion like “I have this belief I really want to eliminate.” Ultimately, we want to *feel* better or not feel the fear (in this example). So, whether the feelings cause the belief or the belief causes the feeling (or they just work as a double act!), it's worth CT the feelings and eliminating the accompanying beliefs.

    With “My belief is that nothing works”, ask yourself:

    Where did belief that come from? What sort of experiences led to your conclusion?

    If it came from you trying various disciplines and not making the desired progress, look at your experiences and “prime the pump” using a few alternative interpretations.

    It is important to logically provide alternative interpretations for the conclusion you reached.

    Some good counterexamples/alternative interpretations might

    – Some things I've tried haven't worked, but that doesn't mean nothing works.

    – Some things haven't worked as quickly or as well as I'd have liked, but that doesn't mean they won't ever work and doesn't mean nothing works.

    – Some processes are working in the background and are affecting my subconscious, so I don't know for sure that nothing works.

    – I haven't tried everything there is to try and I may need to commit more time to working on myself using proven processes, so I don't know that nothing works.

    After doing this conscious exercise, then run PN on the belief. That will work on the subconscious. Be prepared to run it a few times, if necessary. Some beliefs can be stubborn.

    I have more to add, but hope this helps for now. Please let us know.


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