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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Tomas and all

    Some people who have low self esteem problems can self sabotage their efforts because their “experience” is “nothing works” they have tried all sorts of things but it always, apparently, happens to them. This strengthens their confirmation bias further each time because they are actively expecting things to not work. In a similar way to  procrastination your subconscious generates  excuses for things to not to work and if something does work then it throws up another new hurdle to get in the way and prove that it does not. This keeps the status quo and generates “safe” feelings you know where you are at. PSTEC can be just another thing to fail at. If it works for awhile then a new issue appears.

    There are many such similar cases on this forum.

    In order to get round this we suggest listening/reading to some of the success stories. However some people while wanting it to work can see that it does, but for other people and not them.

    Also Click Tracking Fear of Change, Fear of the Unknown/New, Fear of Failure, Fear of Success and PSTEC Positive suggestions to the effect “PSTEC will work for me quickly and easily”. Some will find these fears too vague to Click Track and not believe the Positive statements.

    Continually Click Tracking and seemingly getting nowhere can just re-enforce the confirmation bias. While looking to “clear out” past memories is a logical sensible way forward and works for many, for some maybe not. So now we look to the future and help to create it. Wealth of Abundance helps here and now we have PSTEC and Mindfulness which explains how the process works and how to achieve it.

    The prevailing pervasive mindset that we are all just victims of circumstance can be seen as just another confirmation bias. If you can get your head around this then you can see that creating a positive reality for yourself is a matter of creating a positive belief that good things have happened, do happen, will happen to you! PSTEC tools can equally be used in this direction. Keeping your head filled with the good stuff, drives out the bad stuff. Something I call being relentlessly positive.

    Hopefully you can see where I have been coming from in the last few posts.