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    Peter, Paul,

    great advice here! Just what I needed. I did another PN on “nothing works” and it came out a bit better than last time although the resistance is still there. I will now CT this resistance I have following Peter's suggestions. I read that myopia is related to “fear of future” and astigmatism is related to “fear of 'seeing' ones self” so there must be some deep rooted fears that I need to release here. An event also came to mind where I, in my early twenties, expressed this to my girlfriend at the time. This probably goes back to when I was 17 again and I think that there is at least some aspect of fear of failure here. I PNed “fear of failure” and there was no resistance there at all, went through it like a breeze. I need to do PN this fear a couple more times though. I was thinking, perhaps this is a complex belief, ie several beliefs reinforcing each other?

    On top of my head I can come up with:

    • fear of failure
    • fear of making mistakes
    • fear of losing money
    • fear of success
    • fear of being inadequate
    • fear of being a disappointment to others
    • [/list]

      The persistent negative feeling I have have gone down to about a 3 now. I tried CT this but to no avail. This time around it didn't get worse, which means there is some progress.

      Thanks Paul for the counter examples, they are very good and exactly what I needed. I realize I hadn't really thought through my own counter examples that well.

      Hmmm, as I now think of this I remember that perhaps there is an issue with expectations from my parents. That must have been around the age of 17 as grades for the university are just around the corner. That would tie in with that last fear in my list above. Funny what the sub can come up with!

      I feel a little overwhelmed at the moment as these realizations come up to the surface. I need to go through all this and let it settle before I can proceed. I am very much open to more help on how to approach this as it seems a bit more complex than I first thought.