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Peter Bunyan


    Based on everything I have read and listened to, I thought the way to go is always to clear the negative and unwanted first before “installing” the new and desired. My understanding was that a lot of times, just clearing the old can facilitate the change because a new perspective opens up by not running the old patterns.

    Creating the new perspective by using PP (or any over modality) without making space (by getting rid of the old) first was in my understanding less productive because the new would always have to compete with the habitual, reinforced by time and therefore much stronger old patterns.

    Yes, going for the Negative emotions first is the default way, however as discussed not always the one that works most effectively.

    Where the fears/feelings/emotions are more ephemeral, vague or ill defined then this is where finding ways to magnify/amplify/big up the feelings comes in. Usually I suggest thinking about the worst things that can happen if things stay the same or get worse with inaction. An unending bleak future, other disaster, lose job/money/car/house, partner leavesorces, whatever you fear the most and really imagine it happening while you Click Track.

    The Positive statements you choose need to be believable or more accurately imaginable. You need to be able to imagine it and feel it being true while you run the Positive track. You can devise a series of statements that ramp up from “It could/might happen” to “It will happen/it is going to happen” Play the lowest first and when you have no doubts or negative feelings about it move up to the next and so on. If you find that immediately after reading your positive statement a small voice at the back of your mind says “That would be nice but….” Then this would be a good target for PSTEC Negative first before the Positive track.