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Brian Tucker

    OK – Admittedly I have been away from this post for 8 weeks and for good reason. I had a negative feeling of being “stuck”. I have been aware of this for quite some time and have had this for decades. It finally got to the point of being annoying and so for wherever reason, I just started clearing it.

    It seems as if though, for me anyway, is that often times I can see a negative pattern going on in me but I tend to not take action on it until such time it become annoying.

    I suggest anyone who has this “stuck” feeling to clear it immediately. I suspect as mentioned often in PSTEC land, that this is some sort or fear and also a protection mechanism of the subconscious that attempts to prevent us from making changes and staying content, where it's a belief or a set of beliefs programmed into us to make us perceive that staying where we are is “safe”.

    So this week I cleared it. I experimented a little bit with the emotional click tracks this time to remove it. Here's how I did it.

    Ran the 2015 Wrapper Track to bundle up all of the times I could remember having this stuck feeling from a child to the present moment
    Day 1:
    1 run of the 2015 Wrapper Track
    1 run of the long 2015 click track
    1 run of the medium 2015 click track
    1 short relaxing accelerator
    1 long relaxing accelerator at bedtime

    At that time, I felt like it had went down quite a bit. The next day the stuck feeling seemed to be very low

    Day 2:
    1 long relaxing accelerator at bedtime

    Day 3:
    Decided it was necessary to clear what I felt was remaining.

    1 run of the 2015 wrapper track adding in additional thoughts that came to mind of being stuck
    2 runs of the long 2015 click track
    1 run of free basic emotional click track #2
    1 run of the tapping accelerator track
    1 short relaxing accelerator
    1 long relaxing accelerator at bedtime

    I added in the run of the free track and the tapping accelerator based on recorting Tim sent out recently with April Adams.

    The next day the stuck feeling was completely gone. I woke up feeling better and more clear than I ever have in my life. I find that when I clear out a big emotion like this it can take up to a week to really feel the larger benefits kick in and It has

    Prior to the stuck feeling, I had made a list of new thoughts and feelings I have seen in me over the last two weeks. Over the last 4 days I have become aware of a few more things that I have now added to the list.

    There has been a lot of shuffling going on in my mind as a result of the clearing. I have also added a few statements to my list of which I will remove with PSTEC negative.

    I can say as a result of the reprogramming I have done to date I have experienced some profound things change in my life with respect to relationships, family, career, finances and just feeling great in general.

    With respect to being stuck and taking an 8 week “break” I accept it as it is and think it's great. It has been nice to allow myself to experience this profound change in life and collect a new list of unwanted beliefs and behaviors that now been revealed as a result of clearing out the first round of outdated “trash” thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

    I basically muscled my way through the first round of previous clearing. I no longer have a need to brute force push and hack my way through clearing. I can just continue now without placing any necessary importance or urgency on myself to keep going and.or not have any thoughts and feelings of guilt for not doing so.

    This week I will begin working through my new list. I have come to find a deeper appreciation for all of the emotional click tracks and intend to go into detail here as I remove this list.

    It's nice to note. It's good for us to create a repeatable process that you do not let yourself get distracted, stuck or deviated from. If you feel any of those, use the emotional click tracks to clear the emotions associated with those thoughts. Clear stuff out, write down anything new that comes to mind, and clear it next. Do this over and over again until it becomes a “habit”.

    Will post and share the continued experience as I work through it.

    Thank you everyone, for all of your input and support to this thread.

    This is a great thread. I have learned a lot! A pity plus1g doesn't update it anymore. Hope he comes back to fill us in on his progress with PSTec. More insights are welcome. I just started with PSTec so any insights help tremendously.

    How are things going plus1g?