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Brian Tucker

    Yes Peter, this is a lot of run.

    Alright – A few posts back I cleared the “stuck” feeling though I still feel a need to procrastinate at work. Last week I purchased magic sentences for procrastination. I do notice I am flowing with getting things done quite nicely since the stuck feeling is gone however…I listened to those a few times. About two days later I got some really large and annoying fear associated with work at my new job. I have never had anything like this so I decided to really play with this one and attack it from all angles. My approach was if I use every track, I will have maximized every possible opportunity for cramming the suggestions in the subconscious.

    So I just let my mind go and drift around at anything work related that came to mind and kept scanning through it. I ran the following tracks in this order. 

    2 runs EEF Tracks
    2 runs free basic emotional click tracks
    1 run tapping accelerator track
    2 runs 2015 Track medium
    1 run tapping accelerator track
    1 short relaxing accelerator
    1 run long relaxing accelerator at bedtime

    I can say that this was a big and deep one. It was really scrambled when done and there was nothing left emotionally. I could not recreate it even if I tried. I must have yawned 100 times at least, they were constant and long and deep yawns. Never have I yawned like this before while running pstec.
    I was physically shaken when I was done. I went to sleep as normal, woke up this morning and went on my daily 1 hour walk. On the walk I listened to the procrastination sentences again 2x and then when I got home listened to the procrastination loop.

    Here are some thoughts that came to mind while I was clearing the emotion of which I will clear with pstec negative

    I must not make a mistake
    Mistakes are bad
    People are talking about me
    People are making fun of me
    People are judging me
    People are laughing at me

    Two other big beliefs I uncovered in me – I will also remove with negative – are a constant recurring pattern in my life financially and at work. “I never win” “I will never get ahead”

    Upon finishing my walk the fear came back slightly with a different thought – meeting with people – and of course today I will clear that thought/feeling. I also plan to layer in a long list of positive beliefs which I will share as I map them all out.

    I also plan to listen to the magic sentences for procrastination 2x a day for the next week.

    More to come.