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Brian Tucker

    OK back again – I just worked on a big doozy that has been at me for decades. This one is around an overwhelming feeling. It comes to me often maybe when I am working, researching things, in a hurry to get a lot of things done. Today I just thought you know what? It's time to free myself from this sucker and so I went to work on it. Here is what I ran:

    2 x EEF Tracks
    1 Tapping Accelerator Track
    2 x 2015 Track Medium
    1 Tapping Accelerator Track
    2 x Basic Tracks
    1 x 2015 Track Long
    1 Short Relaxing Accelerator
    1 Long Relaxing Accelerator at bedtime

    Alright – So I started thinking about a few childhood memories and the things I have been doing in the last and currently that cause me to feel this way.

    As soon as I started running the 2015 tracks here comes the constant yawning as it begins to release. Now what is different about this session, is that the feeling I had was moving all around inside of me so I just kept trying as hard as I could no matter where the feeling was in my body and I mean I was really pushing on it at times.

    As I kept going I had so many childhood memories of being rushed and urgent come back to me and even had a flash of one of my elementary teachers who shook me in my desk. I even cycled through that often.

    After I was to a point where it was getting pretty much gone, I imagined the scenario of an absolutely worse case future scenario and ran the long 2015 track on it just to really knock it out.

    I did notice something today and that is for the most part, most all of the feelings I have ever needed to work on occur in the mid to right side of my body. Pretty interesting. Anyway I just kept going at it until there was nothing left. I feel really clear headed and fantastic. 

    One thing to note, since my session two days ago I have been absolutely exhausted. Probably the effects of such a grueling session which I still cannot recreate the negative feeling on even if I wanted to. :)

    I don't feel exhausted now however, what occurred to me is that I do have a long pattern of feeling “tired” and I wonder if I have a belief “I am always tired” because i have felt this way and said this a gazillion times. Maybe I am finally becoming aware enough to see that this may be subconscious driven.

    So what I am going to do is wait again until I get that certain feeling of being exhausted really strong and click track it. I read a testimonial by Samantha Carr and it made me wonder… about this.

    I might also run the accelerator tapping track and ask “why” to see if I can recall what might be causing this exhaustion feeling.

    More to come.