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Brian Tucker

    Hi plus1

    Re exhaustion and tiredness after a PSTEC session. Others have suggested taking plenty of water before and afterwards and now it occurs to me that something “stronger” might also help.

    Some years ago I discovered that taking a recovery drink immediatly after a race did actually speed recovery and reduce post run aches and pains and tiredness. These drinks were a mix of glucose and proteins. Now I do my own blend of whey protein and glucose about 4 to 1 ratio and about 4% solution rather than purchase brand name mixes, but SIS was the one I liked best.

    Absolutely no proof but what if Click Tracking was a “work out” for the brain? There is a lot of “rewiring” after long and intense sessions like the ones you are doing, this would require energy and depending on the physical changes protein. Your brain and therefore mind use a signifant amount of your total energy resources, see this article interesting enough although inconclusive to show that I might have a point here. There were no tests done on cognitive ability with protein supplementation only glucose, but we carry huge reserves of energy so to me less important. I can run literally for miles without noticing any energy dip at all.

    The next time I do a long intense session I will follow it with some of my recovery mix and see if it helps reduce that “whacked out” feeling. Anyone else care to try it? Please write in a tell us how you got on.


    There is also the school of thought that stress and negative emotions eat away at big chunks of your life force. Here we are exaggerating that for hours on end. There are times when the negative emotion gets low and I am forcing as hard as I can emotionally to recreate it. Given this school of thought I can see why it would completely exhaust a person after a few days of sessions for hours at a time. Think about how people feel after a stressful day at work. I would susupect this would be the same effect with multiplier on it