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Brian Tucker

    Quick update for the week. As I have mentioned I have been making my way through some relationship challenges in my life – which btw have completely turned around due to changes within me. This week a few things came to me and I made a list of them:

    1.) Anger and resentment towards my spouse
    2.) Anger and resentment towards my spouse for experiences my children have been involved with as a result of #1

    I had the perfect opportunity to clear #1 in an experience i had this week. I allowed myself to continue stewing on it until I was able to get the anger and resentment feelings to an 11 on the scale of 1-10. I came home and cleared it.

    It is great to now be able to have enough conscious control that I can allow these feelings and laugh at them while intentionally trying to turn them up, fully knowing I am going to go remove them from my life as the are revealed to me. I have gratitude and appreciation for the ability to so easily do this!

    The next day I took a break and felt amazing.  Two days later I had an experience that brought forth the negative thoughts and feelings from #2. #1 was normally there, but I laughed at it because it was gone. I again did a few things to get this one up to an 11 and removed it. As I was removing them, I realized that both of these were not so much about the present moment, but instead for what I was exposed to in both situations as a result of my parent's divorce as a child. As I cleared #2 a 3rd one came in

    3.) that I felt like there was nothing I could do to help the kids as if I had no control and I was powerless to help them. AH -HA! “I am powerless”

    So I then cleared that emotional thought and feeling and used PSTEC negative to remove the belief “I am powerless.” Following, I programmed in “I am powerful” with PSTEC Positive and the tapping accelerators. I will say that upon programming in the new belief and imagining what success would look and feel like, I felt absolutely amazing. I had positive emotions in me that I have never felt in my life so I deem that a success!

    As a result, I had on my list to clear the feeling of being completely detached at the core of my being from my existing and all past relationships in a sense of breaking free. I started to work on this but another emotion tied to another item in my list (work related) became so strong I was unable to work on this one. I then shifted to the other one following the path started on it but it moved throughout my body so much, I could not any progress on it so I decided to stop and let the previous work set in and come back to it.

    The result of these sessions have created yet another shift in clarity and tipping point and WOW how great it feels!

    The next day it was revealed to me what is going on with that other thought and feeling. It is quite a large one and I will create another post here as I progress on it.

    As for the three items above, what I did (and what I am now doing on all subsequent sessions) is to jot down a few present experiences that really get the emotion worked up. Then I think back to my childhood and write down anything that comes up. Finally, I create 2-3 absolutely worse case future scenarios on this emotion. Then I work my way through each click track starting with an accelerator click track, then a 2015, EEF and basic track. If I feel I need to go again I will run another accelerator and work through them all again until such time it is gone. I often times will mix in an accelerator tapping track in between any of the regular tracks. My thoughts are to hit it with each on of the tracks to ensure I am throwing every possible positive suggestion at it to really take it out. I go and do not stop until it's gone and then go one more time. At the end of the session I listen to the short relaxing accelerator and imagine what success will be like. At bedtime I do the same again and listen to the long version and again imagine what success will be like. Any day I do a session I also listen to wealth of abundance and imagine what the same success will be like in the future.

    When I am running PSTEC emotional tracks, I physically try to recreate that feeling as hard as I can push on on it as hard as I can as if I am trying to push that feeling out of my body. When it gets to the point where I can't really recreate it anymore, I then completely relax and just focus on that feeling and go again until it's gone.

    On PSTEC negative I just use the process per the instructions. Sometimes I use the three line backward writing process too.

    On PSTEC Positive/PSTEC Positive Extra Power I run click track #1, then the accelerator tapping track, then click track #2. I don't run the accelerator first because I have already used it a few times while clearing the negative emotion. If I am just programming in with no previous clearing. Sometimes when I haven't done any previous work for the day I will start the positive work off with an accelerator. Just depends on what I feel like. LOL

    This has been a wonderful week of learning and really pushing out a few of my biggest programs. I will say I feel volumes more light and clear most of the time. I feel that once this next one is gone I will be really be at a new level of freedom. Each one I clear, I also imagine the sound and thought of chains falling to the ground as well as thoughts of freedom in me, in addition to what success will look and feel like.

    I am also noticing that I am getting to a point where I am aware enough to see beliefs and behaviors in others very clearly. The more I clear, the more easily I am able to instantly see and easily recall what the root of the cause is within me.

    It really is true the more you use the click tracks the better and faster they work, how much easier it is to remove things as your subconscious loosens up and how fast and easy recall comes to you as you use them more and more. The more layers you peel off, the more you see and the easier it gets to remove and replace to create your new model of reality.

    I am certain this description of my experience will help others as they get going. More to come on this next one, it's a deep and stubborn feeling for sure.