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Brian Tucker

    Hey so a few days later I am able to control this fear at work. I still get a feeling of fear at times but I am able to consciously know this is false fear and that everything will be fine so I am certainly gaining conscious awareness and better control over this. I also notice that when this is not present my level of clarity and the way I feel at work is amazingly positive.

    I will continue to work on the emotional experiences as they come to me with the various emotional click tracks and accelerators.

    I have done some thinking about this and last night I stumbled onto a psychological matter called “impostor syndrome” and I am pretty sure this is what is going on. This seems to be quite common and it comes with the feeling like “i don't really know what i am doing, I don;t know how to do this, I am a fraud, someone is going to find out, then I will be rejected because i am not good enough” and i was getting overwhelmed with physical fear which still comes but I am now not quite so rattled mentally due to being so much more in touch with my awareness and how to put these things into perspective

    The reason this thing reared its head is because I am being asked to do things I have never done before and so this gets me all worked up with the negative thoughts and feelings which are completely imaginary.

    Not too worried about it, I have no despair or urgency to remove it at this point but I am just calmly and steadily staying after it because it is certainly annoying at work to be sitting in a meeting with fear when there is zero threat in the present moment. It will be nice to be free from this.

    Now my question is, I have been emotional click tracking on this for many hour long or more sessions with accelerators over the course of a a week and a half but it still comes back. It would seem something like this would have collapsed by now but have you guys seen something like this that requires this much persistence over this many days to remove?

    Any advice on how to better collapse this? Do I just keep working away on each experience with the emotional click track as it happens until it collapses or is there something else I can do to weaken this another way?