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    Brian Tucker
    PSTEC User

      Everything from the last post has settled in perfectly. All of that stuff no longer bothers me at all mentally or emotionally.

      The other new fear/emotion/belief I had revealed to me was at work. It is a fear that that took me several sessions to remove because it kept moving through my body ranging from a feeling of fear starting deep in the core of my chest all the way into the pit of my stomach. This is the first one I have cleared that has something with an emotion that morphed and moved throughout my body so much. It was nice because the feeling in the pit of the stomach is not easy to recreate and hold onto because it is usually fleeting..

      I just kept working on it over the course of a few sessions using various tracks and I even incorporated in the new hypnotic emotional cleanser and am starting to use at the end with the relaxing accelerator. I am going to now add the emotional cleanser to most of my sessions before finishing with the relaxing accelerator to get rid of the last little bit of mental negative feeling left over.

      This was an interesting experience because it was all related to fear of failure/procrastination and the following beliefs “if I make a mistake or fail i'll be rejected”, “mistakes and failure are bad” and “nothing I do is good enough”

      I used 1.) some thoughts from playing sports when I was a kid, 2.) many present thoughts at work and in other areas of my life and 3.) finally a few worse case imagined future events. It is notable that in the case of the future events I actually imagined the action of making mistakes, failing and being rejected by someone for doing so in a horrible way. I have found that “imagine what it would be like” works but what is more effective for me is I use the thoughts of “imagine and feel what it would be like as if it is actually happening in the present moment” this is really helpful. I find when I mix the recent, past childhood and imagined worse case future scenarios it is really effective! I just keep scanning through all of them and focus as hard as I can on that associated emotion and physically try as hard as possible to recreate it and hold it. It seems the harder I try the faster and easier it clears for good.

      After finally clearing the emotions a few days ago, I was on my first conference call at work today and was asked to do things that were causing fear and procrastination in me before. Today it was completely different. Things were completely normal and the fear was replaced with a positive feeling. I thought to myself hey nice, those thoughts and feelings are gone let's do this.

      The reason this was revealed to me was because in my previous jobs I was always the leader – the go to guy and never in a position to perceive that I would make a mistake or fail so this was not an issue. In my new job I have a new responsibility of which was causing this false perception of fear of failure. Imagine how this was causing me hidden issues across my entire life.

      I have now started working on another interesting one that has come to me with respect to urgency and a second one which has to do with my relationship situation. I will give a nice update on this one as well as the two new ones in a few days when I have more progress and experience to share.

      Brian Tucker
      PSTEC User

        It's been a week since my last post. The fear at work has drastically subsided. The low level and deep feeling of fear will go away and come back so I just keep working on it a little bit with the various emotional click tracks and accelerators – an hour or two with no real urgency whenever I have some free time every day – an hour in the morning and an hour at night. I will say in the last few days my mind in general has dramatically calmed down along with a major reduction in chatter. The more I work on this, the more calmer and clearer my mind is.

        When I do click track it, the feeling does move around from the core of my chest between my shoulders to the right side of my chest, then down into my stomach and my side. I just keep following it in my mind and in my body, focusing on it as it moves.

        Though the overall fear is not completely gone, I am going to just keep working on this specific one a little bit every day. I anticipate that very soon the tipping point will kick in however I am in mo rush and having patience as I continue chipping away at it.

        I will share that there are times when I feel really wonderful, upbeat, JEEP about work on a scale of 1-10 I would say its a 10, then there are times when it's just normal and then sometimes now when the fear comes back. So it would seem that this balance is moving back and forth and changed may be settling in still. So my thoughts are to keep going until it clicks and stays.

        Last Wednesday I had some serious shifts going on, to the point where I felt like I was going mad lol. But I knew it was just the old default programs shifting out.

        The way I am perceiving many things in my life has already started to change quite a bit but will continue going until I break through this one. It seems like this one is quite deep and old.

        I also purchased the Level Two Advanced package today and listened to the entire thing this morning. I am going to try focusing a little differently on the next few runs because I have a specific feeling associated with a “character” at work which includes feelings of rejection, low self worth, failure etc. This despite I have historically been very successful at what I do. It's just that this new job has brought up all these beliefs and emotions that are annoying.

        So what I am going to do is think about that character “me at work” and how I think and feel when all of these things happen(ed) to me as if I was that character. Then I am going to wrapper that character all up and then click on the tracks while I think about everything as if I was actually that character in the present moment and all of those years of things I can remember combined with some worse case mistake, failure and rejections imagined events. Basically I am going to click track that character, all of his events in my imagination (past and future) and the feelings that come with it. Basically just click track him out of my model of reality.

        I will let you know how I get on with this. Though I have had a few tipping points with the emotional tracks already, I suspect if I just keep going forward this one will be really nice when it finally shifts. More to come.

        If there are any other tips or tricks to help me with this it would be wonderful.

        Brian Tucker
        PSTEC User

          Hey so a few days later I am able to control this fear at work. I still get a feeling of fear at times but I am able to consciously know this is false fear and that everything will be fine so I am certainly gaining conscious awareness and better control over this. I also notice that when this is not present my level of clarity and the way I feel at work is amazingly positive.

          I will continue to work on the emotional experiences as they come to me with the various emotional click tracks and accelerators.

          I have done some thinking about this and last night I stumbled onto a psychological matter called “impostor syndrome” and I am pretty sure this is what is going on. This seems to be quite common and it comes with the feeling like “i don't really know what i am doing, I don;t know how to do this, I am a fraud, someone is going to find out, then I will be rejected because i am not good enough” and i was getting overwhelmed with physical fear which still comes but I am now not quite so rattled mentally due to being so much more in touch with my awareness and how to put these things into perspective

          The reason this thing reared its head is because I am being asked to do things I have never done before and so this gets me all worked up with the negative thoughts and feelings which are completely imaginary.

          Not too worried about it, I have no despair or urgency to remove it at this point but I am just calmly and steadily staying after it because it is certainly annoying at work to be sitting in a meeting with fear when there is zero threat in the present moment. It will be nice to be free from this.

          Now my question is, I have been emotional click tracking on this for many hour long or more sessions with accelerators over the course of a a week and a half but it still comes back. It would seem something like this would have collapsed by now but have you guys seen something like this that requires this much persistence over this many days to remove?

          Any advice on how to better collapse this? Do I just keep working away on each experience with the emotional click track as it happens until it collapses or is there something else I can do to weaken this another way?

          Peter Bunyan
          PSTEC User

            Hi plus1

            Now that you are more immediatly aware your feelings…  when you notice that fear again come up with some counter statements that show that this fear is not wanted, not real, has no basis, and repeat them over and over ,this a bit like PSTEC Negative and imagine that feeling as a physical object, example an empty black box. Again like in Negative crush that box, stamp on it, break it into small pieces with some feeling, you really don't want it. scatter the pieces to the winds in some way, or wash them away and then say to yourself “Good that is gone I'm stronger now” or similar positive.

            While there is no “clicking” it is done at the time. It does not require any kit or hardware. It only takes a couple of minutes however if done consistently it will give your sub the idea that the fear is groundless and replace it with positives and eventually not bother you. You are gaining control rather than old emotions controlling you.

            Give it a try

            Brian Tucker
            PSTEC User

              Alright here we are back a week later. I have been through a lot of shifting on this fear and low self-worth related to “impostor syndrome” and I have ran several more emotional click track sessions on it so in essence I have been clicking on this at least an hour or two a day for a few weeks now. I have been running the tapping accelerators 2x right at the start, then various tracks from the free tracks, eef and 2015 tracks with the accelerators sprinkled in along the way. I found that over the weekend the feelings started to finally die down considerably, yet they are still there.

              I have complete control over these feelings but it will nice to be free from the annoyance of them. It's now as if I am experiencing the feelings of fear and low self-worth but they do not consume me. I am aware enough to have mental control over them for the most part as I allow them to flow through me and the feelings are nowhere near as strong.

              On Saturday, I thought it would be interesting to give Cascade Release a go on it. It is the only track I had not yet tried.

              So I ran it a first time on a feeling of fear associated with this and it cleared the emotion, then the next day I ran a second one on another emotion of emptiness/low self-worth that popped up related to it. Then it seems a variation of the first one came back so I ran it again on that one.

              I will say that these tracks are powerful. One run will easily neutralize the emotion for me. It leaves me really cloudy in the mind afterward. I will also add that I have been having some major shifts with this to the point where my ego mind feels like I am going mad before it finally shifts and clears out to a calmer state. I always tell myself that when this happens its perfect because the old program is shifting out and grasping on for dear life before it clears into oblivion.

              It is also very apparent to me that it really does take about a week for the full effects of the tracks to set in so here I have been working on this for a few weeks now and so we see the bigger change kicking in. A week from now should be wonderful. I try to think back to the few negative beliefs I removed a week ago and I struggle to even remember what they were and even when I do, it means absolutely nothing to me so I see this a s a positive sign of things to come.

              Today for the first time in weeks my thoughts and feelings are becoming somewhat manageable. I do have a little fear left with this and plan to run the Cascade Release tracks one more time on it to see if this will finally clear it out.

              Brian Tucker
              PSTEC User

                Good news – ran the cascade release one more time which seemed to push it down even further. I picked up the various emotional click tracks and spent another hour just working on the thoughts and feelings and today for all intensive purposes it is gone and seems to make me feel better as the day goes by. I also had a heavy feeling of exhaustion again this morning when I woke up, ran cascade release on it and it too is down to barely anything.

                More info on that here: http://pstecforum.com/pf/pstec-negative/quick-question-about-belief-statements-using-conjunction/

                It is amazing what these tracks can do. I was able to handle this situation like a pro and just stay after it and get it out of me in two weeks. I ask myself what would I have done without these tools? I am grateful that I have the awareness to see these things, the power to contain myself when they do pop up, I am appreciative of having the means and 100% certainty to remove these obstacles from my life with PSTEC. I could go on an on about how great this is but it can only be explained by actually living the experience of feeling free from this.

                Amazing. More to come…

                Sally Baker
                PSTEC User

                  I love this “…I could go on an on about how great this is but it can only be explained by actually living the experience of feeling free from this.”

                  That to me sounds like the ultimate victory. Be happy and thrive! sally

                  Brian Tucker
                  PSTEC User

                    Another win. This morning I woke up again with the fatigue feeling. I decided it was time to take this out. I ran the wrapper track on all of the stressful thoughts of things presently going on in my life that were running through my imagination.

                    1 Wrapper
                    2 x Tapping Accelerators
                    2 x EEF
                    2 x Tapping Accelerators
                    1 x 2015 Track Long

                    I had been tapping to completely clear this for a while now but because of other feelings I was not able to really focus on this one specific feeling enough to remove it.

                    About halfway through the 2015 Track it finally cleared. At that time I felt as if another giant chunk fell off.

                    I can now clearly feel stress across my shoulders but the rest is gone. The shoulder stress is next. I felt I would wait until the session today takes in and I am able to isolate the shoulder feeling. Things are really starting to come off in big chunks now and I am able to do so in a very calmly on larger isolated feelings in a focused and precise manner.

                    I continue to experience just how powerful the various emotional click tracks are. In my opinion the positive and negative tracks are icing on the cake.

                    Grateful for this! :)

                    Brian Tucker
                    PSTEC User

                      It's been two weeks since my last post. I have added another post on how I have been addressing my negative thoughts and feelings. The level of freedom I have achieved in just the last few days is beyond what I ever thought possible and it just gets even better with every session. The issue of “impostor syndrome” is completely gone, in fact, it has even reversed insofar as I now have colleagues at work coming to me acting as if I am the expert, asking me questions, looking for support and telling me how “out of their comfort zone they are.”

                      Here is the process I am using:


                      Depending on the significance of what I see, I also follow up the session with a cascade release to finally put all of the experiences associated with it into the trashcan of my mind and delete it forever. If I have a negative feeling that comes about and I don't know what is causing it, I just go ahead run the cascade release track on it and then it is gone.

                      The more I clicktrack the more I can see blocks, barriers and patterns clear as day and it just gets easier every time to clear them not requiring anywhere near as many runs of the tracks. If I see anything in my life that I do not like or does not make me feel good, I just remove it with the process. I am now starting to have experiences and see so many things that used to consume me with negative thoughts and feelings in a different way, they just plain seem like they have no meaning, even silly.

                      I also purchased “no more anger” and what I am already seeing after 5 days is amazing. I run this right after I am done with a session while my subconscious is nice and loose and then as always follow with a short relaxing accelerator.

                      Tim says in his suggestions you will notice things seeming different. I can confidently say at this point, everything in my life seems different. I am beyond grateful I have this power to remove anything mental in the way that could prevent me from creating the life I desire. I am in simple form, using this to reshape my model of reality and the events that have and will happen in my life. I am no longer letting life happen to me, I am now empowered to make it happen. The only thing in the way, is me doing so and the only thing left to do is keep going in a calm and non-urgent way, because there is no need for urgency when you know for certain within you have the tools at your fingertips to make any change you want.

                      Brian Tucker
                      PSTEC User

                        I will share that starting on last Saturday (today is Tuesday) I have been listening to the four available tracks for anger daily: no more anger, the anger loop, stress in the moment and magic sentences for anger

                        Last night I had an interesting experience. I keep a running list of things in my phone that I feel like I want to remove that have been revealed to me as I experience them and as I progress. I suddenly felt a little different about that list as if it wasn't important anymore. It was quite interesting. This morning I now look at that list and the entire list just looks silly, like it's nonsense. All of the fears, worries and anger that I had in my life two days ago are just fading into oblivion. I am even thinking about things that might or did bother me and it seems as if they they are just clearing themselves out automatically without even having to do anything PSTEC wise to remove them.

                        I do not even know how much time I have invested in clearing using all the various tools, hypno tracks etc etc – possibly 100 hours or more.

                        I cannot even describe this experience except WOW! This is better that good. I have no words.

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