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Brian Tucker

    Alright here we are back a week later. I have been through a lot of shifting on this fear and low self-worth related to “impostor syndrome” and I have ran several more emotional click track sessions on it so in essence I have been clicking on this at least an hour or two a day for a few weeks now. I have been running the tapping accelerators 2x right at the start, then various tracks from the free tracks, eef and 2015 tracks with the accelerators sprinkled in along the way. I found that over the weekend the feelings started to finally die down considerably, yet they are still there.

    I have complete control over these feelings but it will nice to be free from the annoyance of them. It's now as if I am experiencing the feelings of fear and low self-worth but they do not consume me. I am aware enough to have mental control over them for the most part as I allow them to flow through me and the feelings are nowhere near as strong.

    On Saturday, I thought it would be interesting to give Cascade Release a go on it. It is the only track I had not yet tried.

    So I ran it a first time on a feeling of fear associated with this and it cleared the emotion, then the next day I ran a second one on another emotion of emptiness/low self-worth that popped up related to it. Then it seems a variation of the first one came back so I ran it again on that one.

    I will say that these tracks are powerful. One run will easily neutralize the emotion for me. It leaves me really cloudy in the mind afterward. I will also add that I have been having some major shifts with this to the point where my ego mind feels like I am going mad before it finally shifts and clears out to a calmer state. I always tell myself that when this happens its perfect because the old program is shifting out and grasping on for dear life before it clears into oblivion.

    It is also very apparent to me that it really does take about a week for the full effects of the tracks to set in so here I have been working on this for a few weeks now and so we see the bigger change kicking in. A week from now should be wonderful. I try to think back to the few negative beliefs I removed a week ago and I struggle to even remember what they were and even when I do, it means absolutely nothing to me so I see this a s a positive sign of things to come.

    Today for the first time in weeks my thoughts and feelings are becoming somewhat manageable. I do have a little fear left with this and plan to run the Cascade Release tracks one more time on it to see if this will finally clear it out.