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Brian Tucker

    It's been two weeks since my last post. I have added another post on how I have been addressing my negative thoughts and feelings. The level of freedom I have achieved in just the last few days is beyond what I ever thought possible and it just gets even better with every session. The issue of “impostor syndrome” is completely gone, in fact, it has even reversed insofar as I now have colleagues at work coming to me acting as if I am the expert, asking me questions, looking for support and telling me how “out of their comfort zone they are.”

    Here is the process I am using:

    Depending on the significance of what I see, I also follow up the session with a cascade release to finally put all of the experiences associated with it into the trashcan of my mind and delete it forever. If I have a negative feeling that comes about and I don't know what is causing it, I just go ahead run the cascade release track on it and then it is gone.

    The more I clicktrack the more I can see blocks, barriers and patterns clear as day and it just gets easier every time to clear them not requiring anywhere near as many runs of the tracks. If I see anything in my life that I do not like or does not make me feel good, I just remove it with the process. I am now starting to have experiences and see so many things that used to consume me with negative thoughts and feelings in a different way, they just plain seem like they have no meaning, even silly.

    I also purchased “no more anger” and what I am already seeing after 5 days is amazing. I run this right after I am done with a session while my subconscious is nice and loose and then as always follow with a short relaxing accelerator.

    Tim says in his suggestions you will notice things seeming different. I can confidently say at this point, everything in my life seems different. I am beyond grateful I have this power to remove anything mental in the way that could prevent me from creating the life I desire. I am in simple form, using this to reshape my model of reality and the events that have and will happen in my life. I am no longer letting life happen to me, I am now empowered to make it happen. The only thing in the way, is me doing so and the only thing left to do is keep going in a calm and non-urgent way, because there is no need for urgency when you know for certain within you have the tools at your fingertips to make any change you want.