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Brian Tucker

    It's been about another week since my last post, today my level of internal calmness and thinking is just amazing. I have used the cascade tracks to take out some major fear.

    It seems like after I finally the anger down pretty far by clicking the anger and listening to the various anger tracks for a few weeks including the new “no more anger” track.

    More about my use of anger tracks here:

    All of a sudden, here came some very large feelings of fear. Some of these feelings of fear I would even go so far as to say they were associated with extreme flight fear, almost felt like terror.

    As I took each one out with the cascade release track, the next one would pop up a few hours later, slightly different in a different way with different thoughts and slightly different forms and feelings of fear. I would then take that next area out as it came in. It was as if my mind was just throwing wherever fear it had left as a last resort because that was the only fear program it had left to serve up.

    It is to the point with the cascade track on the last several sessions, I can just use it to immediately remove a given type of emotion – like just cutting that out of me like a surgeon – because the thoughts and feelings have seem to become so isolated as the other layers that masked it have been removed. Not only that, but because I am so calm and focused, there is no urgency or need to even want to remove it other than it is just annoying and does not feel JEEP.

    I feel absolutely grounded, the thoughts I have are just empowered and I feel like a completely different person. I even have people commenting  – some of which I have known my whole life and some I barely know – on how calm I am. There is definitely an an adjustment to this new way of being.

    I have decided a few days ago to purchase and run the “stop smoking” package. I have already started the process and I will leave an update in that section of the forum soon.