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Brian Tucker

    Last night I had some more feelings of rejection/fear lingering in my body from the weekend. I began patiently working on them for about two hours with the various emotional clicktracks

    This morning, the true feelings were revealed and so I again started working on clearing them. After about an hour, again a long list of similar feelings from some events last year came in and I just kept following them as they changed, brought in corresponding thoughts and cleared.

    Just about the time they were all cleared, the feeling and image in my mind suddenly changed to that of my first serious girlfriend in high school @ 30 years ago. Again a very distinct feeling with her having many variations. I continued again through the cycle of clearing which took about 90 minutes until there was nothing left to clear.

    At this time, all of a sudden an image of my father came in and the distinct feeling that I have of my father along with more variations of this feeling than I could comprehend. It took me about 90 minutes to clear all of these various feelings with all of the past events.

    It seems as if though I moved through the rejection and fear events that occurred in my existing relationship a year ago, down to the the original layer in my first real relationship and then to the original layers of rejection and fear from my father.

    It is interesting to note as I cleared all of the feelings and thoughts from my first relationship, I was amazed at how strong the feelings were even 30 years later and the level of recall associated with them. On top of this, it was amazing how I realized the pattern of all the events that happened back then – even insignificant events – being identical to the events and feelings happening that I was clearing in my existing relationship.

    Also the thoughts and feelings with my father, really cool that many of these events were 40+ years ago as if I was right back there.

    As I was clearing all I could think of was how long I have been carrying all this baggage and how wonderful life will be without it.

    About two hours later I had a similar type of feeling that comes with memories from my stepmother who was a very destructive person in my life. I cleared that too in about two runs of the tracks.

    Really feel like I hit the jackpot today, excited for this all to shake out!