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Brian Tucker

    Hi Plus1g,

    It is fantastic that you have gotten such profound results by using the PSTEC tools consistently, creatively and regularly. I believe you have mapped this out very elegantly for others.

    I get the impression that you have experienced some profound spiritual shifts with PSTEC. It is, from my own experience, an important and unadvertised bonus of using PSTEC. I must admit that I also never intentionally set out for spiritual growth, but I definitely feel I have experienced that too.

    I am confident that your progress has inspired many people who have been lucky enough to read about the progress you have made and the tremendous growth you have experienced in your sense of self-worth and, if you will, oneness. That is an amazing blessing for you and your loved ones.

    I really enjoy reading your contributions and am delighted for you. Thank you.


    Paul I started on a spiritual journey a year ago. Part of this journey was to find a way (tool) to remove limiting beliefs and childhood programs causing me a great deal of pain and so here is PSTEC.

    This and the effects on energy and vibration are the best kept secret of PSTEC. Knowing what I do now, I would have approached using the tools in a much different way however, as I continue to really get sharp with them I intend to share a process I have thought out once I get into the right place myself.

    I have to admit the “no more anger” track came at just the right time as it has helped me leap ahead much easier and faster than I would have without it.