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Brian Tucker

    Since my last post I have been running the emotional click tracks about 3 hours a day on anything that comes up.

    I am not sure if this is by design but for some time now, it seems as if the tracks are showing me any negative programs that can be removed BEFORE the experience happens. Can anyone verify of this is intentional? It's as if I think about something that is going to happen and my sub says hey that will be great but you may want to remove this negative program before you have that experience. I of course do and wow what a difference.

    Can anyone tell me if this is by design?

    I had a meeting coming up with a person who is very confrontational. When I meet with this person they can be a real jerk which in the past of course can make me feel/act like a jerk. Now we all know what is really going on here subconsciously.I am sending this out and I am getting it back in the mirror though I can't see it.

    I thought to myself, hey wouldn't it be cool if when I met with him I could not think, feel, behave or even want to have any energy to be a jerk. How could I avoid that? I thought about me being a jerk and the feelings  – physical energies in me and the energies I perceive in him that come with that.

    So I started click tracking on that…

    As I did that, I realized there are about 20 different forms of feelings/energies in me with the various ways I can be a jerk (you may also refer to this as being a “dick”) to someone whether it be a potential confrontation, a situation with my spouse, the kids, whatever – the energy behind my physical emphasis, tone of voice etc. I just figured what the heck I will just clear them all. I was amazed that when I did this, every single one reverted back to my dad and grandfather having the exact same jerkiness, energy to me and every scenario when they were this way to me that resulted in me picking it up from them. The feelings were just as fresh as when they happened nearly 30 years ago. I also realized while going along a lot of it was me to my spouse which turned into memories from my dad being a jerk to my mother, I also clicktracked those. I further clicktracked the feeling that I associated with the other person(s) when they perceive I am being a jerk and furthermore when my kids are being a jerk to me, what is the feeling I associate with them.

    Naturally after it was all cleared I felt completely different and could not recreate any of that jerkiness in me if I wanted to.

    I went to my meeting, hey the guy was completely different, no jerkiness anymore. Now what is really cool is the immediate change I saw in my three daughters. They are completely different around me now. I have not experienced such an immediate and profound change in people around me in the hundreds of hours I have been using the clicktracks. My kids have changed drastically towards me as I have moved along my journey but NOTHING like this, it was an overnight transformation in myself and of course in them. I am no longer transmitting this subconsciously in any capacity.

    I also noticed that while when clicktracking, all of the jerkiness thoughts and feelings towards my spouse changed into my father being jerky to my mom and my grandfather being jerky to my grandmother. It just goes to show we are programmed exactly what we see as kids. That is what we are. Even though I have done extensive work to consciously let go and forgive, I think you can see that there are many programs that still exist that when removed can make an immediate and profound difference in what you see in the mirror.

    I also had an experience yesterday – I need to go to the tailor to buy some new suits. Every time I go there I have a strange certain feeling associated with that. I realized that the clicktracks revealed this to me and it is a feeling of “not good enough” I started to clicktrack on this and here came hundreds of similar not good enough experiences and feelings throughout my whole life – work, relationship, money etc. as if they were happening right now again.

    I also have done a lot of clicktracking here in the last few weeks and nearly every situation in my relationship reverts back to memories and feelings from my father /mom and/or stepmom and grandfather/grandmother and how they treated each other and also tons of experiences from when my parents went through their divorce that had feelings that are exactly under the feelings I have right now and have been having for over a year, specifically fear, guilt and shame. These have nothing to do with me and my current reality other than they are all energies I picked up from my dad when he went through divorce. So many energies that my dad had that were placed on him by my stepmother that I picked up and carried all these years through all my relationships. All of that is gone. There were so many what I could consider small things I had no idea that were so insignificant I would never have thought of in a million years but they are all behind everything. I also had some other dark things brought to my mind – large patterns  I would never have thought to clear – that were behind some of my more powerful negative feelings. I also see exactly how my relationships have most all mirrored my father and stepmothers relationship down to my/their patterns and behaviors and also how my subconscious has always been seeking an exact match for my stepmother so that I can be in the same programs as my father. It’s an rather awakening and mindblowing experience to say the least.

    I am just astonished by what you can do with these emotional clicktracks alone. To be able to proactively go in and completely and permanently remove any negative day to day behavior from your model of reality is unlimited power. There are no words to describe what this is like and the uses are limitless. Just think about the subtle energies that are behind you project with different ways you talk, anger, frustration, fear, guilt, you name it. Even if you think you don’t have any negative emotions, there are so many energies behind what you project it is just wild. I have done so with all of these types of feelings and things just change more every day for me in all aspects f my life. Imagine proactively removing these from your life and what you see in the mirror altogether, permanently.