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Brian Tucker

    Paul this is such exciting stuff. I just keep going because with every one I remove it just gets better and better.

    Today I had a strange feeling about myself so I decided to click on it. Four hours later I had cleared hundreds of experiences and feelings from about a 15 year period in my life. Another big chunk in this was more experiences than I could possibly count from an old girlfriend and a painful 5 year relationship we had. It is amazing how real it was and the volume of what we retain and carry around with us years and years later. We think we are consciously past it but in reality, all we are doing is developing an emotional conditioning to block it out. It just sweeps it under the rug and gets bigger and bigger over time.

    This process continues to surprise and amaze me around every corner at the things you would never give second thought to that just come out of nowhere. Like I say it's like pulling on a string and all of a sudden here it all comes. An emotional enema it all just pours out. Once that was all out it was just amazing how much better I felt.

    A part of you says at what point do you stop. But it's as if I have replaced the habit of ego giving me the drug of feeling bad with the habit of self removing ego to feel good. What more could you ask for.

    One might think 2-3 hours a day of clicktracks in a day is extreme but I compare it to training for a marathon. Difference is this is training your mind for the marathon of life. Better part is if you stop you don't go back the other way as this is permanent change. There have been a few days where I have ran clicktracks 6 hours a few days in a row.

    I think the only thing I could ask for is a new, stronger version of the accelerator tracks. I do use them a lot, often I start with two sometimes more accelerator track runs and then a few of the various clicktracks and then two more accelerators. Seems to help and bring it all out. Stuff just comes into my mind out of nowhere and never would have imagined why any of that would need to be cleared but hey, when in Rome. :)