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Brian Tucker

    Just a quick follow up to my last post. I discovered I had some anger in me and I decided to explore it what I discovered was:

    I had a massive program that I had completely forgotten about with feelings related to “no one respects me” I removed that completely. It went back to many episodes with my father and stepmother as a teenager. This weekend I had a two day spell of nearly unbearable shifting and releasing. Now that it has cleared I cannot believe how much different I feel. This belief and feelings were close to “not good enough” but as you can see that was just a part of the root feelings.

    I also realized that I had a big issue with my kids and my wife not respecting me. Right in front of my face! The point is, the way I was behaving based on my program was causing me to project myself in a way that made me feel like I was being disrespected when in all reality they weren't! As humans we have this need to be respected when in all reality we should have no expectation anyone will respect us we should only need to respect ourselves.

    The second bit of anger I realized was between myself and my oldest daughter. It went back to fighting with my brother. I was just replaying my program with my daughter when we would get in small arguments. It's all gone now and she is acting completely different around me.

    The third one was around feeling angry which turned into hurt when I perceive that someone was not taking help from me. This also is gone and made a massive difference.

    Also during this time of releasing over two days, so many random past experiences came into mind as I was just going through everyday life and as each one would pop into my mind the feelings associated with it would instantly disappear.

    I really feel like I have worked my way down to the very core of what was eating at me for such a long time.

    It seems like I still have a little bit of “inner struggle” with passivity going on in me and I am going to explore that next because the victim and helplessness/powerless made a huge difference.