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Brian Tucker

    I have done some more CT sessions on inner-passivity and I cannot believe the difference this is making! I also CT defensiveness which of course turned into feelings of criticism. Also feelings of uncertainty, I don't know, not really sure and “I don't know what to do” WOW WOW WOW

    I really ran across a gem on inner-passivity and how it runs at the core of the psyche and I also picked up one of the books there The Phantom of the Psyche: Freeing Ourself from Inner Passivity – These two resources are AMAZING and showed me some major areas to really knock the cover off the ball. I plan to read all his books and apply CT to where I can see it in myself.

    I also noticed that my procrastination was actually feelings of dread. I ran a 2015 wrapper of every dreadful thing I could possibly conjure up and then ran a 2015 long on it, then an accelerator, then another long as usual finished with a short relaxing accelerator and my nightly long accelerator at bedtime. Came back the next day and it was nearly gone so I again ran the wrapper and did the same long, accelerator, long and today I can't bring up dread if I wanted to it no longer exists and the procrastination is GONE completely gone after decades of being enslaved to that like climbing mt everest with an elephant on my back day in and out.

    Just finished my 38th day of No More Anxiety HOLY COW, update here.

    This morning I realized I have not felt like this since I graduated high school and that was exactly 30 years ago. I feel amazing.