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Brian Tucker

    I have continued on my journey every day for the last few weeks simply working on everyday feelings that come up in all aspects of my life. Each time I use the why technique on these they immediately take me back to times in my life that were very similar. I have removed 20 or so of these patterns and my level of awareness has went through the roof. The more I clear the more I see.

    Every time I have a negative feeling I always immediately think “this is my subconscious trying to protect me” from some event in the past that is now being applied to the present – though none of it in the present is real and I certainly don't need any protection.

    I also had some negative feelings towards my wife and all of those I removed were directly tied to old events with my stepmother and/or firs three intimate relationships. I had already resolved all of the old emotions with my other family members and believed “I was past all of that” with her but little did I realize she was a massive root cause or pain in the present from all of the years in the past. Along the way I have realized just how many things I have said “I am past that” and/or I remember when, my parents used to etc while in reality all of these are key components to major events that have created major subconscious behaviors that shape every second of our lives. I have even said to my wife so many times “you are just like my stepmother” and never realized what I was actually saying all along is that my subconscious is trying to by default protect me as when my wife criticizes me it believes it reverts back to my stepmother who was a heavy criticizer.

    I picked up another book “Why We Suffer” which is the followup to the book Phantom of the Psyche and it is absolutely amazing.

    The knowledge in this book is based mainly on the work of Edmund Bergler M.D. (1899-1962), a psychoanalytic psychiatrist who wrote 25 books and almost 300 articles published in professional journals. He is largely unknown because the deep knowledge he produced is covered up by our psychological defenses.

    Along with the clicktracks and why technique it has absolutely helped me identify and remove so many blind spots I could not even list them.

    One thing that has helped me is to clear ANY feelings anytime when I feel confused, conflicted, uncertain, I don't know, unsure or cycling quickly in indecisiveness. These have brought an amazing amount of clarity.

    I am also on my 90th day of no more anxiety.

    I also listened back to some old interviews here with respect to pstec positive and have been testing out some new techniques with the journey tracks and also the accelerators. I will provide some info on all of this in time.