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    Brian Tucker
    PSTEC User

      The more I go the better it gets. After a few hours of CT yesterday I stumbled onto the realization I have a massive program and energy around “No one understands me”. Cleared all the energy and I am going to use pstec negative to remove “no one understands me” and “nobody understands me” just big big big. Imagine having this perception of everyone you meet by default. I have had people say this to me and even say it to myself often.

      I also had some anger pop up after that and it all goes back to an old abusive relationship in college.

      Once that was gone I then was pointed over to a general fear of saying what I want to say and that has been a passive program across my whole life, basically a “don't rock the boat” program and it goes back to my childhood.

      Brian Tucker
      PSTEC User

        Fear of affection/intimacy and general awkwardness popped back up again – Used why technique went back to a girl that lived across the street from me 35 years ago, had a crush on her she was a great friend. I tried to “make a move” on her one day and she rejected me an was VERY angry to the point where she would not even talk to me or hang out with me anymore. That set the instructions and energy set the future beliefs and behaviors in motion and has been that way ever since. Now gone.

        Also ran across a general feeling of low self worth. I ran why technique and ct with 2015 tracks for about 3 hours it is completely gone and the difference is amazing. About 15 minutes later again I was prompted by “pain” i ran the why technique and the worst hangover pain from years of drinking were revealed. So many years of painful hangovers have been released in sessions!

        I also had a friend who recently had a “bomb drop” of his wife having an affair and wanting a divorce. He had admittedly been a wreck for months and could not get over it. I had him listen to the relaxing accelerator once a night for a week at bedtime. Then we ran the wrapper on all of the events surrounding it. We then ran an accelerator tapping track and asked “why” on the feeling of what was wrapped up. Then a 2015 long, another tapping accelerator and another 2015 long then short relaxing accelerator. The amount of relief was profound as if all of it went from a 10 to struggling to recall it.

        Brian Tucker
        PSTEC User

          I have continued on my journey every day for the last few weeks simply working on everyday feelings that come up in all aspects of my life. Each time I use the why technique on these they immediately take me back to times in my life that were very similar. I have removed 20 or so of these patterns and my level of awareness has went through the roof. The more I clear the more I see.

          Every time I have a negative feeling I always immediately think “this is my subconscious trying to protect me” from some event in the past that is now being applied to the present – though none of it in the present is real and I certainly don't need any protection.

          I also had some negative feelings towards my wife and all of those I removed were directly tied to old events with my stepmother and/or firs three intimate relationships. I had already resolved all of the old emotions with my other family members and believed “I was past all of that” with her but little did I realize she was a massive root cause or pain in the present from all of the years in the past. Along the way I have realized just how many things I have said “I am past that” and/or I remember when, my parents used to etc while in reality all of these are key components to major events that have created major subconscious behaviors that shape every second of our lives. I have even said to my wife so many times “you are just like my stepmother” and never realized what I was actually saying all along is that my subconscious is trying to by default protect me as when my wife criticizes me it believes it reverts back to my stepmother who was a heavy criticizer.

          I picked up another book “Why We Suffer” which is the followup to the book Phantom of the Psyche and it is absolutely amazing.


          The knowledge in this book is based mainly on the work of Edmund Bergler M.D. (1899-1962), a psychoanalytic psychiatrist who wrote 25 books and almost 300 articles published in professional journals. He is largely unknown because the deep knowledge he produced is covered up by our psychological defenses.

          Along with the clicktracks and why technique it has absolutely helped me identify and remove so many blind spots I could not even list them.

          One thing that has helped me is to clear ANY feelings anytime when I feel confused, conflicted, uncertain, I don't know, unsure or cycling quickly in indecisiveness. These have brought an amazing amount of clarity.

          I am also on my 90th day of no more anxiety.

          I also listened back to some old interviews here with respect to pstec positive and have been testing out some new techniques with the journey tracks and also the accelerators. I will provide some info on all of this in time.

          Brian Tucker
          PSTEC User

            Quick update. It's been about 16 months since I started on this journey and 12 months since I became fully dedicated to becoming a free man using PSTEC.

            I am presently at Day 150 of No More Anxiety which for the most part is no longer affecting me. http://pstecforum.com/pf/social-anxiety/no-more-anxiety/

            In the last 35 days I have cleared 300+ beliefs using Belief Blasters. This has completely shifted the way I think, feel and behave in such a profound way there aren't words to describe or explain it. It can only be experienced.


            I also continue to use the various clicktracks, accelerators, cascade release to clear any negatives that come into my reality at any given moment.

            At this point I am completely pain-free and a bomb could drop next to me and I might not even flinch. I have been in some of the most emotionally charged situations a human could experience and it does not phase me in the least negative way mentally or emotionally whatsoever.

            I do the believe the results of PSTEC are directly proportionate to the level of negative programming a person has or can/wants to see, the amount of time someone is willing to invest and how free from negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors a person wants to become. With that said, I will check back in time with updates as to how my model of reality (life) continues to change “out there.”

            Brian Tucker
            PSTEC User

              The increased freedom continues to expand every day. I have added a new post to the forum. Adding this with the already mentioned “why technique” will profoundly speed up your clearing with clicktracks and any other PSTEC related work. It just gets faster and easier.


              Also this approach to using Belief Blasters of which I have removed nearly 500 negative beliefs since its release two months ago:


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