Reply To: Approach Anxiety

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Math

    Firtly the feelings intensity assesment 0-10 scale before and after the track is important. Although not precise as the numbers cannot be accurate, it does give you a guide as to how effective the track has been. You should trust this guide and why wouldn't you as the numbers come from your self. Once the feelings are down to low numbers then it is time to plan the next stage.

    In your imagined scene incorporate the spinning feeling. Imagine what ever you have to, to recall it and Click Track it. You can just recall recent incidents where you have had this feeling and Click Track those.

    Before working on beliefs, consider what happened to you in the past to create your current problems. If you have memories of incidents that have related feelings and fears then you should also pick on the most powerful of these to recalll/relive and Click Track.

    Listen to the instruction track from the Accelerators package and choose an Accelerator to listen to. This will also help on the recalling of past memories.

    Download the FREE Wealth of Abundance track (no sign up, no email required) and listen to this several times a week for a few weeks.