Reply To: Approach Anxiety


    Update 8/07-2016

    Hello Peter again.

    I have done 20 sessions for now with the Extra Powerful click tracks, because on the site it is saying they are extra powerful and work for permanent change.

    So far. I can say, as Tim guides in the click tracks, yes i can confirm the negative memories are away and i don't make big pictures of the situations. I have also click tracked a social situation. Because im going to a club with some friends in a few days where i really want to approach people and get to know them, to make friends etc. But i have a tightness feeling in my belly. Always when i have to go somewhere where there are many people, i will have uncomfortable feeling in my belly. This feeling does not want to go away with the click tracks (it reduces a bit maybe), however the bad thoughts are completely away. The same problem i had with EFT, which did not helped me, the feeling would go away in maybe 10 min, and then i will come back again.

    Best regards Math.