Reply To: Approach Anxiety


    Hello Peter again.

    I must say i'm amazed again. I bought that click tracks 2015 which had a much greater effect. I listened to it every night here at my holiday place now. I think i removed all negative things now, and im ready for the positive part. When i imagine the situations in my head going wrong, awkward etc, i don't really feel anything it's just like i don't care about it.

    I have listened to the positive audio instructions.

    I have difficulty, as i said before, understanding instructions through audio,i really much prefer via text. So as i understand, i need to write a believe on a paper, about what i want to change, and look at the text as i tap?

    Could you please give an example on a believe i could write about approaching people?

    Thank you very much. I see many positives changes so far!

    Best Regards Math.