Reply To: Approach Anxiety

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Math

    Physical signs associated with “mind” issues are common. Your body and mind are not seperate entities but the same thing as part of one integrated system. This like computer hardware and software they are useless on their own the physical and virtual work together.

    My suggestions for you:

    Keep on working with the Click Tracks and Positive. This on the assumption that you need to keep on going to get over the “tipping point”. When this is reached I would expect the feeling to fade away.

    Directly Click Track the feeling with Click Tracks. Re-live, recall the spining feeling this might well require a recent memory of a real event and Click Track that focussing on the spinning feeling not the anxiety or the actual memory.

    Directly target the feeling with Positive. Creat a statememt like “From now on that spinning feeling will fade more each day”

    Does this sound OK for you?