Reply To: Approach Anxiety

Peter Bunyan

    Hi math

    You absolutely did not partly fail, you most certainly did partly succeed! That is something worth celebrating!  :)  If you can take one step in the right direction, you can take another and another and at some point get to your destination. At present you are still on the journey.

    This may seem like small difference, but it is crucial. If you expect failure that is what you will get. On the other hand if you expect success than it is at least likely to happen. Everything that you have been doing so far with PSTEC has really been aimed at just this difference, being positive.

    You use Click Tracks to remove those feelings which stop you doing what you want to do, so…
    Imagine approaching an attractive woman and feel that wall, that resistance and Click Track it. Relive that sense of frustration and Click Track it.

    It would be great if PSTEC worked really quickly for everyone and everything, but sadly this is not possible as everyone has different issues and is different. That sense of wanting the problem to be gone, now, that desire is also something to be click tracked. You want the success, but the sense of urgency for it to happen is counterproductive. This can lead to a sense of failure like that which you have recently experienced instead of being happy at achieving some progress.

    You are doing fine, keep on clicking!