Reply To: Approach Anxiety


    Hello Peter.


    I see there is some process, with im happy with!

    After Click tracking for a very long time, i have been able to approach guys in bus, and get to know them, talking to staff at my fitness center without fear, the last few days. Small talk with guys at fitness, giving questions :)

    However there was an attractive woman i almost approached that sat down, i really wanted to talk to her. I almost approached her, i was few steps from her. But when i wanted that, i felt fear spreading in my whole body, and again i felt that wall blocking me.

    It is really strange, because when i get in that fear state, i don't remember what i thought, and i ask many questions my self, why i did not acted. tec.

    I will keep trying!

    Thanks for help agian!

    Regards Math.