Reply To: Anger packages

Brian Tucker

    I have been listening to the tracks now for 8 weeks so about 75 plays myself here.

    The instructions are very specific and do say that you should not have any anger for at least two weeks – and it does not bother you or disturb you at all – at such time you should run the second track.

    Personally my anger responses have went down drastically. I have a challenging 16 year old daughter that will verbally and physically attack me. The other night she had an episode and I was able to deal with it in the calmest manner to date though I still had a slight bit of anger. Of course when a person is physically threatening you and invading your personal space the fight or flight mechanism will kick in. While this is an extreme example, I choose to continue with the track until such time that it has cleared altogether and I am able to remain completely calm in these situations.

    Also I have noticed that as a result of running this track and also choosing to clicktrack a few anger and frustration feelings, I have been able to experience the “feeling” that lies below and triggers the anger (anger acts as a protection response to these core feelings) and remove them so that there is no longer the emotion or the resulting anger related feelings.

    A suggestion would be if you have any underlying feelings to the anger (fear, guilt, regret, shame, etc) that you remove those with the various types of emotional clicktracks as it has helped me dramatically in my situation. I was finally able to see one of the largest feelings in me, which were different feelings of “not good enough” of which only I can feel and experience. Once I removed these, things really changed in my anger even more.