Reply To: Anger packages

Brian Tucker

    This weekend I was listening to the Advanced Audio training materials. As I had mentioned, I have been listening to the “Anger Loop” which is included in that package.

    I also picked up the Think and Grow Rich program this weekend as well.

    As I was listening to the various training materials in both, I noticed something that Tim said around “just a few plays can make a profound difference” and also with most every loop I have, he says something to the effect of “Think about/focus/concentrate on what is being said”. Also, in the “no more anger” instructions he says you can use it without clicktracking anger at all and to “listen and think about what you're hearing” and every time you listen to track 1 you will have different thoughts and insights. With that, something came to my mind.

    I played the anger loop package and imagined as strong as I could being angry (in various forms) at my family members that I love and trying as hard as I could to feel and hang on to the feelings. I had felt some release on these various loop tracks before but this time by doing this what I experienced was “profound” I played it once more doing the same again and the release I experienced of all sorts of various anger was unprecedented. It just melted away within a few seconds of thinking/feeling each one.

    So with that, I took it a step further and listened to it once more and actually acted out various scenarios of frustration, anger, sarcasm, disgust etc while listening to the track and again more and more release nearly instant. Each various scenario has an inflection and a specific feeling and energy behind it.

    I then did the same with no more anger at other anger patterns not directed to loved ones and saw the same result although it seems to take slightly longer for them to release.

    One thing to note is that the “anger loop” is specifically for loved ones whereas “no more anger” is for generalized or habitual anger across all areas of your life.

    I also tested this same approach with the procrastination loop (using thoughts and feelings of procrastination and being stuck) as well as the slimming loop (with thoughts and feelings as described in the instructions about eating habits and weight loss frustration, self image etc)  in the weight loss power pack. Here I also saw the same results of it just melting away.

    It seems some thoughts and feelings take longer to dissolve than other so I suspect these are older and stronger patterns. I just continue focusing on them until they release.

    The mind also seems to wander onto different thoughts and feelings throughout the process (which is consistent with the instructions) so I just stay focused when I can, sometimes I scan through them and let the feelings change. I don't think it really matters in the long run. I suspect these are all associated with the same patterns.

    I would suggest others to please give this a try and share their experiences here as well.

    I would also suggest only one play per day of each. I have done a few plays in a row in a single day and my experience was a very intense and long release of past anger that some might not be prepared to forego. One play a day per the instructions seems to be perfect.