Reply To: Anger packages

Brian Tucker

    Since listening to the no more anger track almost daily using the method I discovered back on January 7th I will report back that the changes I have experienced are astounding.

    I still have small spots of anger here and there over the last week or so as I go through life experiences and when that occurs I just run the track one time against it and usually thereafter it is either gone or so low that it does not rear its ugly head. Some of this is at work and to be free of this is so powerful. Imagine being in a meeting and no matter what anyone does or says does not even phase you.

    I don't yet feel like I am ready to run the second track just yet (the instructions are very specific as to when to do so) but since using the method I described on the 7th I have seen a massive difference in the effectiveness of this track.

    I will report back in a week or two.