Reply To: About feeling emotions/ not feeling emotions

Peter Bunyan

    Hi wander

    The first thing… keep on clicking! As long as the numbers keep going down repeat a track until you get down to 1-0. (and you have the time).

    Click track any sense of urgency, desperation or “in a hurry” to get over your problems. It is just another negative emotion getting in the way of progress. You know that PSTEC is working for you as the numbers go down, it has made a difference so far, so keep on going!

    Re the weight/emotional overeating/eating too much “comfort” food problem. Take some of your favourite junk food partially unwrap it, place it in front of you, feel the urge to eat it feel it pulling you, and Click Track it, looking at if feeling the “want”. At the end break it/cut it/mash it up and throw it away, tear up the wrapper in pieces and again “bin” it while thinking of all the harm it has done and can do to you, making you overweight and unattractive. Don't buy anymore, don't keep any in the house, only buy meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruit, real food. Can you do that?