Reply To: About feeling emotions/ not feeling emotions

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Wander

    Re Which Click tracks. No rules, it is just what works best for you and your issues, so experiment. I think in terms of a single strong issue then eefs, multi issue multi times then 2015. For mixed difficult to describe issues then basics but then I might add the Accelerators to that.

    Re Food. “I can't do that…I can't buy food and throw it away” That is a negative belief! While I absolutly agree with not wasting a valuable resource, what made you think it. What emotion underneath was it that created the thought. is it because when you were young did your parents say things like “Clear your plate” or “Think of all those starving children in Africa” or “Eat it all or you won't get any pudding” If you can then these are more memories to Click Track and then if you can still here you parents saying things like it then use PSTEC Negative with those things as statements. Also those negative statement above. By removing those feelings and thoughts you will not start wasting food but it will help you to maybe eat less with smaller portions. Especially if you only buy the good stuff.

    The things you eat, the shops you buy it at, even the route you take around the store are habits. These habits can be changed with PSTEC. But you can write out a list of food needs (not wants)before you go, and just stick to it. Do not allow yourself to be sidetracked. Over time you will not desire or even notice those “attractive” junk foods. Personally I find I walk around a the store and feel disgusted at the food industry allied with the advertising industry trying to sell us this stuff, unfortunately too successfully. How can it be that you can walk around a food store and see more non-essentials on the shelves than food you really need for your health? Now that is where the waste is, not you throwing the odd item away in order to wean yourself off the habit.