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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Adam

    Since selling products is not the main purpose of this forum I do not mention other products very often unles I know you have them, however… There is another FREE PSTEC track you might find helpful before you think about paying for others.

    Wealth of Abundance is a hypnotic track from Tim. (No email or sign up required) You just have to listen, no clicking. It works to increase your feelings of gratitude. Gratitude for things you have and things you have yet to get. Consider if you were more grateful for what you have this would reduce your desperation for money now. Furthermore if you were say grateful for the money you have yet to make then again this would increase your confidence about your own skills and abilities and thus reduce that desperation more. Being grateful increases self worth/self esteem. If you can listen once a day, everyday for a week and once a week thereafter for a few more weeks then I am sure it would help. This track also tends to help you in ways you may not have even thought of.