Reply To: PSTEC during/before triggering situations ?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Nakhan

    How much daily CT work do you recommend ?

    Peter you suggested CTs, CTs Negative, CTs Positive and maybe Accelerators.

    Do you think it's really important to work on the negative/positive beliefs as well ?
    (It's a little bit less “fun” to work on those, since I can't tell the difference right away)

    I see it this way: If you get in your car and fire up the engine you then have to release the parking/hand brake otherwise it will prevent you from moving off. This is what the Click Tracks do for you, they free you up so that you can go where you like. PSTEC Positives are like having a destination, otherwise you are free to move after the CTs but with nowhere to go, so not much change will happen. Accelerators are like oil for the engine, they make the whole thing more efficient.

    PSTEC Negative is best IMO for those self limiting beliefs that you have repeated to yourelf or even said aloud so often that they have a sort of gained an independant life of their own. Beliefs that often start with “I can't do…” or “I don't know how…” or “I don't have enough time/money/…” or “I'm no good at…” and have become truely self limiting.

    As to how much to do each day: Your are on a journey and it is important that you find it pleasurable seeing the changing scenery. If you drive for too long you cease to enjoy it, you are just desperate to get to the end. As you continue to use PSTEC you will find the way you see things change to a more positive less negative way, but it can be tiring. So as Paul says “Go gentle on yourself”.

    Re Can't tell the difference right away: With CTs you should use the 0-10 scale of percieved emotional intensity before and after each play through. This is like seeing how many miles you have just done on a section on your journey, so that you know you have got nearer your destination. You can do something similar with Positive. look at the statement you wish to use and ask yourself “On a scale of 0-10 where 0 is not at all and 10 absolutely, how true does this feel to me?”. if the returned number is low then it would be good to change the statement to something more believable. Trying to get too big a change is like trying to travel too far for one day.