Reply To: No More Anxiety: My Mission to Cure General Anxiety and Social Anxiety Disorder

Brian Tucker

    I have been using pstec for 9 months solid every day and I have used nearly every product available with the exception of a few obscure things. I thought I was doing really well and making slow but good progress until I started using No More Anxiety.

    I lived with anxiety related issues my entire life always thinking “something is wrong with me” and was under the assumption it was adhd or possibly some other combinations of disorders. I have been to clinicians who have tried to diagnose and also have tried every type of adhd medication known (none worked) and also bipolar meds.

    I was also a heavy social drinker for 30 years. Maybe you could call me an alcoholic though I never believed I was one because i could go days without drinking. Well little did I know I was only drinking to cover up the pain from my past and all of the “conditions” you will see below.

    This track revealed the following to me that I had no clue that I had even after 6 months of clicktracking. Looking back, this is what a clinician would likely have diagnosed me with.

    – General Anxiety Disorder – Now down to about a 1 out of 10 overall
    – Chronic/Constant worrying about everything, myself, relationship, money, work, health, death, other people – anything you can imagine all down to a 1 out of 10
    – Multiple Social and Crowd Phobias (too many to list) – All completely gone
    – Hypersensitivity/Overstimulation to loud noises, especially loud kids – Gone
    – Procrastination, Dread, Fear, Extreme Panic and Overwhelm to the point where I could not work and/or function. Insignificant events or comments would send me into complete frozen shutdown. – All completely gone
    – Agoraphobia – Gone
    – Anxiety Related Anger – All completely gone
    – Extreme depression – Gone
    – Extreme and debilitating exhaustion – Completely gone
    – Impulsivity, inability to focus, hyperactivity and brain fog- Gone
    – Anxiety related anger – Gone
    – Extreme anxiety due to relationship issues/threat of divorce/affair – Gone
    – Nervousness/Awkwardness/Anxiety with Affection or Intimacy – Gone + a little clicktracking
    – Other odd feeling/beliefs/behaviors that have flashed into my mind at the time and in a matter of minutes they caused me to realize what I was doing, then it released and were gone. I could feel the effects of the change on the spot.

    As the instructions state, I have used the clicktracks to help clear up any major/stubborn problem areas including feelings of dread, general feelings of worry and the feelings of social phobias, exhaustion along with passive feelings. As you can imagine my progress was slow prior to no more anxiety 1.) Because there was so much to address and 2.) overuse of the clicktracks would send me into an anxiety tailspin. Though the free basic clicktracks will work just fine with this product, I would suggest to use clicktracks 2015/ tapping accelerators as they are much more powerful though more gentle in mental and physical releasing as a whole. I would also suggest to listen to a short relaxing accelerator track after the play of no more anxiety and/or listening to the long one every night at bedtime as it will only help/speed up the process overall and while listening to it imagine and feel yourself calm and relaxed interacting with people at work at home etc.

    As of today I would consider myself “healed”. I am calm, relaxed and consciously clear and awake at all times and never possibly imagined I could ever feel like I do. I can look people in the eyes and interact with confidence and certainty and no longer feeling passive. I do have a little bit of low level negative thinking/self-talk however, that is very distant and I can stop it by just saying “no more anxiety”. I am certain in a short time with more plays and clicktracking it will be gone altogether.

    Please keep in mind by reading this I would consider myself a VERY social person but lived with all of this my whole life and had no clue that any of it was what it was. I accepted this as normal and just kept going through life day in and out living in a quiet desperation.

    If I had to start over again I would have approached this entire process in a completely different way because “no more anger” and “no more anxiety” were not available at that time. Both have been instrumental in my acceleration of progress. If I were to start again I could probably have cured myself in about 12 weeks. I will detail that in my journey post.

    I would consider myself an extreme case, neurotic and in a nervous breakdown on all levels. Had these been available at the start and working 1 on 1 with a trained PSTEC practitioner, I might have been able to cut that down even further and would highly suggest anyone invest in that.

    I have a few friends that have listened to this and in a few weeks were completely clear of their anxiety related issues with no need to clicktrack.

    I have friends and family who I have known my whole life asking me what is going on with me and why I am so different to the point where they are asking me what I am taking and if they can see the same doctor I am seeing. I have never said a single word about anything I have done. The result of this profound.

    One of the keys to the success of this track is to use them “in the moment” when you are experiencing the feelings if you can or think of your situation and try hard to feel the feelings (any of the above conditions or non-JEEP) while listening to it just like you would with a clicktrack.