Reply To: No More Anxiety: My Mission to Cure General Anxiety and Social Anxiety Disorder

Paul McCabe
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    Hi Pstecuser,

    Thanks for posting.

    Great answer from Plus1g – very comprehensive. He is showing what is possible and his results are not atypical.

    What is atypical is Plus1g's incredible commitment to changing and sticking with the process. He is also extremely gracious in sharing his progress and protocols with us all.

    I have received numerous emails from PSTEC users who have made huge strides, others who have been inspired by the posts here and others (like yourself) who got some results…but did not keep going with the processes.

    There is nothing wrong with that, and you can jump back on the proverbial saddle again and, indeed, at any time.

    Change comes when we are ready for it and, until a tipping point is reached, you may only have noticed small, superficial or temporary changes in the interim. This is normal.

    The key to using PSTEC is accurately targeting the issues, using the tracks consistently and using a variety of tracks. This is for longer-term use, of course, and some issues (e.g. simple phobias) can be resolved with one or two plays of the CT.

    I appreciate that you got good results initially and so were on the right path. It seems you may have just had some more “work” to do. I bet you are closer than you realisem

    Did you work with any practitioners in session or just get advice? What advice did you get and what did you apply? What tracks have you used, please?

    If you are comfortable to share this, as well as the issues you sought to resolve, we may be able to suggest some things. It would make this more tangible.

    Take care,


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