Reply To: No More Anxiety: My Mission to Cure General Anxiety and Social Anxiety Disorder

Tomas Zobal

    If I had to start over again I would have approached this entire process in a completely different way because “no more anger” and “no more anxiety” were not available at that time. Both have been instrumental in my acceleration of progress. If I were to start again I could probably have cured myself in about 12 weeks. I will detail that in my journey post.

    I'm looking forward to reading your post.

    Is No More Anger the same type of track as No More Anxiety? In the description, it says:

    “You won’t be asked to relax at all. (Not even in the slightest)
      It doesn’t use hypnosis or anything like it.
      Unlike Tim’s Click Tracks there isn’t any tapping or concentrated effort either.”

    No More Anxiety description says you have to simply listen and think about Tim's words.