Reply To: No More Anxiety: My Mission to Cure General Anxiety and Social Anxiety Disorder


    The reason I asked is that at the beginning you were pretty functional. By that I mean you were able to work and socialise. Even so, it took a lot of work and perseverance to get you through this process and, to be honest I would say perhaps 1 in 100 would work at it like that. As a therapist I see people who are in very bad shape with anxiety but the trouble is they often won't persevere and expect a quick fix. Pstec is great, as we know, but they expect a miracle cure in one or two sessions.
    Most of us , like you, have an awful lot going on that we aren't aware of. It can be like opening Pandora's box so people can think they are getting worse when, in reality they are experiencing revelation. It's funny actually, because as I write this I've just remembered that the first time I ran a CT on a failed relationship I felt really angry the rest of the day  and guess what? I thought it hadn't worked!
    I guess guidance, encouragement to persist and elegant use of the tools is the only way and those who are ready and willing will do the work.